Are You Ready For Winter?

10 Point Winter Check, Anti-Freeze Change & Duxback Treatment

Prepare your car for winter with our 10-point check and antifreeze change (worth £39.95) plus revolutionary Duxback windscreen treatment (worth £24.95) also a winter pack which includes de-icer spray, ice scraper and 1 litre screen wash (worth £9.99)

Duxback Windscreen Treatment

Duxback is a professional-quality car glass treatment that makes driving safer. Originally developed for the airline industry, it stops water beading on glass, dramatically improving visibility in rain. What's more, it makes cleaning much easier, and prevents frost sticking to your windscreen in winter. One application goes a long way. Duxback doesn't just coat your windscreen, it bonds with it, forming a protective repellant barrier that stays on for months. No other product on the market, works like it.

Coolant/Antifreeze Change

An Anti-Freeze change is not part of a regular car service. We recommend that the Anti-Freeze is checked annually and completely replaced every two years to maintain it's strength and level of protection.

Not only does Anti-Freeze prevent your car from freezing in winter, it also acts as a coolant in summer to prevent your car from overheating.

Battery Check

There are many things that can go wrong with your car during the winter period, and battery failure is one of the most common issues with more breakdowns reported due to a flat battery than any other problem.

Our ATA Trained technicians will carry out a full check on your battery and your cars charging systems to make sure that your car is ready for those cold frosty mornings. We use our advanced testing equipment to analyse all aspects of the batteries performance against the manufacturers specifications and let you know of any up and coming issues.

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