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Here at KAM Servicing we specialise in diagnosing ABS problems, we provide a reliable and professional ABS repair service that will ensure any ABS faults are properly diagnosed and repaired to a high standard.

ABS, Anti-Lock-Braking Systems are electronically operated by an ABS ECU, and if a fault occurs or the ECU detects a problem such as a wheel turning significantly faster or slower than the others, it will send a signal to rectify it.

If a serious fault develops, the ABS ECU can cause the ABS to be disabled, which is dangerous and will cause an MOT failure.

An ABS system includes the ECU, wheel speed sensors and hydraulic valves within the brake hydraulics. A problem can occur with any of these which will cause a faulty signal to be sent to the ECU which will trigger the ABS light on the dashboard.

Should the ABS light appear on the dashboard - it is essential that you have a technician look at the vehicle immediately.

One of the most common faults, and the easiest to repair is a broken cable on the ABS sensor, this is simply a matter of replacing it with a new sensor.

We offer all our customers a pick-up and delivery service and if needed one of our courtesy cars can also be yours while we undertake the repairs.