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An exhaust in good working order can safely remove all the toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide so that you and your passengers are kept safe.

When the exhaust or catalytic converter becomes faulty it can lead to more problems with the vehicles engine management and can also contribute to air pollution.

To ensure that your car is environmentally friendly make sure to get your exhaust checked at KAM Servicing.

If you bring your car in early enough we can help to prevent any further damage that can occur if your car suffers from prolonged exhaust or catalytic converter problems.

We also have the required equipment to check and repair faults arising from issues with faulty Diesel Particular Filters (DPF's)

DPF failure is becoming more common, especially on French origin vehicles such as Peugeot and Renault as these manufacturers have been using DPF's for well over a decade.

Our free check will be carried out by one of our talented technicians who are highly experienced and able to tackle any exhaust faults.

We will find and fix any fault and we guarantee to do all of this at the best possible price.